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Terms and Conditions

Cake Care and Handling

Kristen’s Cupcake Café is not responsible for any damage to cakes, cupcakes, etc. after the order is picked up or set up. Optimal temperature for cake setup outside of a fridge is 70 degrees or below. We are not responsible if a cake collapses or bulges in intense temperatures inside or outside. Each cake order comes with cake care instructions that should be followed in order to avoid damage. 


Payment and pickup 

All orders require full payment up front, or the order will not go on the calendar. Changes to the order must be made at least 10 days before pickup/set up, and can incur an additional fee. Any quotes given out will expire in two months time, and the prices are subject to change unless the order has already been paid for. 


If late to scheduled pickup time, there will be a $5 late fee for every half hour late. If the time needs last minute rescheduling on the day of pickup or delivery, there will be a $5 rescheduling fee if the change can be accommodated. 



Cancellations must take place 14 days before the pickup/set up date in order to receive a 50% refund and 50% credit on your next order. If the cancellation is within 14 days before the date of acceptance, 50% will be refunded,, and the other 50% is not eligible for store credit. Any and all extra materials (toppers, flowers, toys, etc.) that were purchased for the order will come out of the refunded 50%, as we will not have much use for them because they were purchased for your personalized order. If the cancellation takes place within 7 days before the pickup date, any type of credit or refund is not available, as preparations/shopping for the week’s  typically start around that time.


If the cancellation is due to COVID-19, we can offer a credit as long as it is before the cake is made. Any extra materials (toppers, flowers, etc.) that were purchased specifically for the order will not go towards the credit, unless used on the next rescheduled order. 


Refund Policy 

Kristen’s Cupcake Café does not offer refunds or exchanges for custom orders that meet our standard. Refund requests due to color shade, artistic design, or decorating style will not be considered. We will only consider a refund if the product does not meet the previously discussed size, flavor, and theme.


The texture and flavor of baked goods are subjective. Any concerns and refund requests must be made within 24 hours of order pickup/delivery. Kristen’s Cupcake Café may consider offering a credit if the product is returned to us and we determine it does not meet the quality and standard we promise. The determination of quality is at the sole discretion of Kristen’s Cupcake Café. 

Allergy Disclaimer 

Please be aware that all ingredients (nuts, eggs, dairy, flour) are prepared and handled in the same kitchen with the same equipment. Although we thoroughly clean everything carefully and correctly, we cannot guarantee that cross contact will not happen with the above listed allergens. 

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