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Even You can Create Latte Art

Making latte art can take a few practice trials, but is easy to get the hang of. The first thing I did when practicing was use chocolate syrup. The syrup is easily controllable and just light enough to sit on the surface of your latte foam.

First you are gonna wanna have a latte with medium-thick foam to begin with.

Other supplies that are needed are a bottle of chocolate syrup with a squirt nozzle and a toothpick (or in my case, a thermometer with a pointed edge).

Next you can begin to outline the design.

Begin with drawing a small circle and then a larger circle around it, it chocolate syrup in the center of you latte. Next draw 4-5 sets of two stacked lines on the outer edge of the circles.

The final steps involve creating the flower design itself.

Take the sharp object (toothpick or thermometer) and drag inwards on the double stacked lines all the way into the center of the circle. Be sure to wipe off the object used with a napkin each time you complete a leaf, to ensure no excess chocolate syrup distorts the design.

Finally, take the toothpick and drag from the inner circle to the edge of the cup.

The final design should resemble the flower below! Time to enjoy a delicious and beautiful latte!

Written by Kristen Kleier on May 1, 2019

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